Catering to your accommodation

At LifeTime Private Retreats you are able to order a range of meals and catering options that feature our best Island produce. Our catering partner and Chef Kate Sumner from Kangaroo Island Source can prepare a range of meal options for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own retreat.


Breakfast hamper:

Selection of free range eggs, local bread, bacon, muesli, honey yogurt, fresh fruit, milk and juice.

Lunch options:

Spencer Gulf prawn & Vietnamese Noodle Salad, tangy dressing, crispy shallots & lime
Poached organic chicken, Ancient Grain Salad of quinoa, black rice, lentil, pistachios, cranberries, herbs, lemon and garlic w smoked yogurt dressing
Tuna Nicoise Salad, local olives, tomatoes, green beans, free range eggs, potatoes and lemon herb dressing

Southrock Lamb & Rosemary Pie
Organic chicken & mushroom pie
Lentil, mushroom & vegetable pie

Dinner options:

‘From the Land’
South Rock Lamb Cutlets, pork sausages, island pure haloumi, Garden Salad, baked local potato, assorted condiments & Garlic Bread

‘From the Sea’
American River Oysters, King George Whiting, garlic prawns, baby abalone, creamy potato salad, seasonal greens, Aioli & Lemon.

‘From the Garden’
Zucchini, Manchego & white bean burgers, Island Pure haloumi, Roasted Beetroot salad, garlic skordalia, Roasted hot sauce cauliflower bites with smoked island pure yogurt, salad greens & garlic bread

Southrock Lamb & Rosemary Pie with locally grown potato Paris Mash, green beans & Red Wine Gravy
Organic chicken & mushroom pie with locally grown potato Paris mash and greens & pepper sauce
Lentil, mushroom & vegetable pie with locally grown potato Paris mash, greens & lentil gravy

Dessert options:
Chocolate caramel tart w cream
Sticky Date Pudding w Hot Toffee Sauce & Whipped Cream
Apple Crumble w Vanilla cream
Orange Almond Cake w Orange Syrup Dressing & Cream (GF)


Option 1
2 BREAKFAST & 2 DINNERS, 2 DESSERTS - $600 + GST/couple

Option 2

Option 3
4 DINNERS & 3 LUNCHES & 4 DESSERTS - $925 + GST/Couple

Children under 12 years are 60% of adult costs.
Both options include all ingredients and cooking instructions.
1 option per group, unless otherwise arranged.
Prices are based on pick up only. However, please enquire about our delivery options.
Menus are subject to seasonal availability and vary slightly at different times of the year.

  • For all orders please contact our catering partners (Kangaroo Island Source) direct on 0412 194 840 or email them HERE