ESCAPE CORONA, BECOME A LONER RETREATS! 20% off accommodation for long term stays.

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, LifeTime Private Retreats is offering discounted longer-term accommodation for you or your family to retreat in stunning coastal locations on Kangaroo Island.

Due to the uncertainty of possible lockdowns or isolation due to the virus, LifeTime invites you to get on the front foot and self-retreat in style and luxury, while you enjoy the magic of nature and its wildlife.

The Corona retreat package can include options for food delivery, increased broadband or additional office supplies allowing you to maintain work commitments if needed.

• No flights required to get to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide – we have 2 ferry options. You are able to stay in your car for isolation.
• Our beautiful individual (isolated) retreats means you have complete privacy - no sharing with other guests
• We have increased broadband download capacity and supply basic office items so you can remain connected to the world and maintain work commitments.
• You don’t need to shop for food - Option for food supplies delivery twice a week with exciting recipes to try. Daily food hamper menu options also available.

Corona retreat rates (accommodation only)

Minimum 7 – 14 days 20% discount on our advertised rates.
15 + days, 25% discount on our advertised rates.
Bookings must be made direct with LifeTime Private Retreats

Please check availability of dates HERE and email us on to make a booking.


As you are aware, we are all facing very challenging times as the Coronavirus Pandemic develops worldwide. As a small business, we do not have a war chest of funds to protect us from the many cancellations we are receiving, however, we understand the need to find a balance to assist our customers with flexible changes or refunds. For this reason, we have revised our standard cancellation policy as follows:

1. If you have an existing booking with us, you will be able to move this booking up to 12 months in advance of your arrival date with no penalty.
2. Instead of our no refund policy for cancellations between 1 and 15 days, we will now refund 25% of your booking.

We do hope you understand the very challenging position we facing with the need to find a balance between managing refunds and cancellations against ensuring our business can remain operational so we can trade through this crisis.

Thank you for your understanding. Please see our full revised terms and conditions below.

Revised Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellation of reservations made by the guest/client must be provided in writing to LifeTime Private Retreats, and is subject to the below cancellation fees. If a cancellation is received between the booking and 31 days before the arrival date, LifeTime Private Retreats will retain the 10% deposit paid.

If a cancellation is received 30 -16 days before the arrival date, 50% of the total booking amount is payable.

If a cancellation is received between 15 - 0 days before the arrival date, 75% of the total booking amount is payable.


In addition to our normal cleaning routine, we now pay extra attention to disinfecting all high touch areas and surfaces such as door handles, light switches, cupboards, drawers, the dishwasher, and hairdryers.

Our linen service washes all linen at high temperatures that kill the Covid-19 virus.

Hand sanitiser is supplied at our retreats.

Please don’t take our extra toilet paper!

To date, no covid-19 cases have been reported on Kangaroo Island

FIRE IMPACT AT OUR RETREATS - We are open for business!

Kangaroo Island has had several bush fires burning since 20/12/19. The fire has well passed our Snelling's Beach area and we are delighted to say our beautiful retreats were not affected. Other areas of the island have also been burnt however with over 2000 square kilometers of land and wilderness unaffected, there are still many activities, wilderness areas, parks and venues that are open for you to enjoy.

Despite how the media have been dramatising the fire effects, we are not fire-ravaged. Nature is incredibly resilient and populations of Australian animals have dealt with fire for millennia. Our plants are often fire-dependant as they need fire to split their seeds or to stimulate flowering and new growth. We are already seeing evidence of fantastic new growth as our recovery process gets underway.

About LifeTime Private Retreats:

We are very pleased to say the majority of our retreats are still surrounded by the immediate landscaping and natural bushland. The neighbouring land and roads as you drive into Snellings Beach (including behind/near some of our retreats) have been burned by the fire so you will see some impact in those locations.
Visual impact from each retreat.
The Cliff House, Beach Retreat, Settlers, and Pebbly Beach all retain their stunning views and the immediate surrounding landscaping and bush that has not been affected by the fire.

Snellings beach itself, including the sandhills and the immediate surrounding landscape has not been burnt.

Our Sky House has grass that was burnt in front of the retreat that continues to the hills and beyond however the views are still spectacular, the neighbours (the hopping type) still come down to visit and we are already seeing new grass sprout through and around the retreat.

Our Sheoaks house has trees and grass burnt in front of the retreat, including the driveway as you enter.

Your visitation to us means you have become a crucial part of our islands recovery process however we are not asking to visit out of sympathy. Even though a large area of the island has been burnt, the regeneration of these areas are dynamic and underway. The spirit of the island people, the fantastic produce and the untouched wilderness and wildlife in other areas remained unchanged...

We look forward to seeing you soon.

At Life Time Private Retreats we offer two levels of luxury accommodation options at any of our five private homes as follows.


Private house accommodation that includes private chef catering options, beverages and special dining events. More details here.


As the name suggests, you pay for the rental of the house only. Bring your own food, drinks etc and unwind in the privacy of your own luxurious residence. More details here.